Acoustic and Isolation Drawings

Acoustic and Isolation Drawings

These are the drawings that are prepared by translating the 3D project model to 2D paper to communicate all the work of the previous phases; they encompass all the dreams, all the decisions, all the feedback in the form of a final studio design. Our Acoustic and Isolation Drawings translate the unique style of the project into the final solution. They are design concepts that are realized and refined into drawings on paper, then to architecture.

The drawing sets include a Cover Sheet, General Project Information Sheets that addresses general project specifications, and the remaining Drawing Set that speaks to and illustrates the entire process and specifications of each trade involved. These many included dimensioned plans, sections and elevations of the design, as well as HVAC and Electrical studio specifications, if these elements are to be included in the design. We cut sections through the building, highlighting key areas, and construction assemblies, and zoom in on important connections, transitions, and architectural elements, to develop the detailed drawing set needed to convey the design intent for the General Contractor to execute. This is also where we specify materials, finishes, systems, and other technical aspects that comprise the final studio build.

Construction Consultation

The day construction starts on your project is always an exciting day. This is where months of hard work and coordination between the Studio Designer, the Client, and the General Contractor start to become a physical reality. Just like the previous design phases we have completed to get to this point, the construction phase is a long process. Questions and challenges are inevitable as design is interpreted into built form. During the construction phase of the studio project, we continue to interpret and provide explanation of the studio specific details and specifications to the project’s General Contractor, and sub-contractors at the General Contractors request. 

During this often complex process filled with opportunities and challenges, we help our Client and their General Contractor interpret and understand the Acoustic and Isolation Drawings by answering questions, providing studio specific insight, and helping to ensure that the decisions being made maintain the integrity of the studio design. We may make routine site visits or conduct onsite video conferencing at the request of the General Contractor to check in on the studio specific details of the construction progress. 

Standard within our design Design Agreement, the first 10 hours of Construction Consultation is included, given that most studio construction projects will not need the full 10 hours. Projects that require more than 10 hours of Construction Consultation during the construction phase may incur an additional hourly consultation fee.