Avery Bright - The Beach

Avery Bright – Violin/Viola/Arranging/Engineer

The Beach – Strings & Mixing Studio

Nolesville, TN

280 Square Foot


Avery Bright - Violin/Viola/Arranging/Engineer


Nolesville, TN

Project info

Avery Bright is a professional violinist/violist, performer, and string contractor based in Nashville, TN. His recording credits are too numerous to add to this short description so his need for a professional and accurate tracking space designed specifically for strings recording and a tight and precise mixing room was of the greatest importance. Avery's vision for this space was that it inspire creativity with loads of natural light and interior aesthetics that could be found in beach-towns such as Rosemary Beach, FL. We took his desires and requirements, and created a space that sound larger than real-life and endlessly creative.


Recording & Mixing Studio Studio


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