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Audio Virtue Acoustics: Established in 2010

AudioVirtue provides Acoustic Design & Consultation services, specializing in the design and consultation of critical listening spaces, professional recording environments, and other spaces requiring acoustic treatment and sound isolation. We also work with other architects, designers, consultants, contractors and DIYers.

Architectural Acoustics

The science and engineering of achieving and precise and deliberate sound within a specific space or room.

- Recording Studio Facilities
- Live Performance Venues
- Commercial Office Spaces, Meeting Rooms & Conference Centers
- Restaurants & Coffee Shops
- Houses of Worship
- Home Cinema Theater Rooms
- Performing Arts Centers

Sound Isolation

The physics of blocking unwanted sound through the use of materials that reduce sound transmission from the interior to the exterior environment.

- Studio Room Noise/Sound
- Exterior Noise Intrusion
- HVAC Noise Mitigation
- Electrical Noise Mitigation

Aesthetic Design

Aesthetics is our perception or opinion of an object based on what we see, feel, hear, smell and even taste. If a space doesn't feel creative it's hard to be creative in that space.

Education & Resources

Building a knowledge base of video courses focused on empowering the avid DIYer in all things acoustic, isolation and aesthetics.

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