Pre-Design & Schematic Drawings


In the Pre-Design phase, we begin to gather information. This is where we listen to our cleints’ vision, needs, and desire to explore all potentials of the project.

Some common Pre-Design activities include:

  • Client interviews
  • Site visits
  • Documenting existing conditions
  • Programming: Making lists of spaces, sizes, qualities, wants and needs
  • Determining feasibility, challenges, and opportunities

Think of Pre-Design as laying the foundation of the entire design process. It’s where we set the starting point so we can get creative.

Schematic Drawings

Schematic Design is where we create a variety of approaches and options. We do a lot of brainstorming and work through many iterations en-route to the recommended design solution. This phase is where we work with our clients to set the look, the feel, and the layout of the project.  

During this phase, we do not get caught up in the details, but to look at the overall structure and organization of spaces. We’re after a unique style and design intent. We use a variety of media and design tools to experiment with different ideas. Computer modeling, sharing ideas in 3D, and in the future, even VR (virtural reality), to help us see how a design idea looks and functions, while letting our team and our clients consider if we like the way it feels.

We experiment with different ideas internally, and share the ones that work the best. We often present a few different concepts and work with our clients to whittle them down until we develop a concept that everyone agrees is the best solution to the design challenge.