A list of our most frequently asked questions.

How are your product made? What's inside the fabric?

If you peel back the fabric on Audio Virtue Acoustics acoustic treatment you will find:

  • AVA Frame: Our proprietary designed, no-formaldehyde, solid birch ply, blacked-out, furniture grade frame provides deeper absorption than other acoustic treatment.

  • Frame Precision: Frames are cut to .001″ precision by our CNC machines to provide the highest quality frame, most consistent construction, the sharpest lines, and ensures that the frame is always straight and square.

  • EZ Install Technology: Our frames are fastened to our proprietary designed backplate with EZ Install Technology that completes our semi-sealed frame design, providing deeper absorption and the easiest installation on the market (EZ Install Clips Included).
  • Absorption Material: The frame is filled with a specific quantity and density of no-formaldehyde, non-leaking, no-smell, absorption material manufactured in an eco-friendly manner from recycled glass bottles. Unlike acoustic foam which absorbs too much high frequency, and resin hardened insulation acoustic treatment which reflections too much high frequency, our acoustic treatment absorbs a broad bandwidth of frequencies to provide the most absorption for your investment.


  • Upholstery: Our acoustic treatment is upholstered to furniture grade quality by our highly trained upholsterers to provide taught fabric without wrinkles, straight fabric lines, sleek flat folded corners, and hidden excess fabric tucked and fastened out of sight. Other acoustic treatment is often upholstered haphazardly which results in a product with extremely less quality.

What you will not find under the fabric of our treatment:

  • Resin harden insulation (reflects too much high frequency).
  • A flimsy frame that doesn’t provide deep absorption and is known to produce a product that is much less straight and square.
  • Standard, cheap, mineral wool that can leak through fabric, smells horrible, and is manufactured using formaldehyde in a fashion that is not economically friendly
  • Sub-par installation methods make it virtually impossible to install panels close together, level, and straight.

How is Audio Virtue Acoustics different than other acoustic product companies?

  • Higher Performance: Get the highest return on your investment compared to other acoustic treatment. Our treatment is specifically designed to absorb more and lower frequencies than the other acoustic treatment due to our proprietary semi-sealed internal frame, constructed with solid birch ply, and our combination of specific quantity and density absorption materials in each product.


  • Best Quality: Furniture grade quality construction and upholstery, always straight and square, will never warp over time, never see internal frame through our wide selection of acoustic fabrics, moisture/mold resistant absorption material…all to produce the best quaintly, best looking, longest lasting, acoustic treatment on the market.


  • Eco & Health Friendly: Frames made with no-formaldehyde, FSC-Certified, LEED-Certified, domestically sourced, solid birch ply. Absorption material made from recycled glass bottles that is GREENGUARD Gold certified, USGBC LEED certified, and shipped in compressed bundles, reducing carbon footprint. Fabric options made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. Packaging made from recycled post-consumer, bio-degradable, paper, to keep plastics out of our landfills.


  • EZ Install Technology: No acoustic treatment is easier to install quicker, easier, straighter, and more level than our EZ Install Technology. Simply fasten our EZ Install Clips (included) on your walls or ceiling, and slide the treatment onto the clip. It’s that easy! No more fumbling with impairing clips, eye hooks, or picture hanging wire.


  • Superior Acoustic Resources, Tools, and Advice: We offer scientific and experience-backed treatment consultation, free of charge, from our founder and designer Zac Marcengill. Zac has been designing studios and other acoustic environments since 2013, and which multiple current projects being designed at this moment, the advice you receive is far superior to the advice you may receive from a salesman or woman. In addition, we offer 3D modeling design services, with life-like renderings, that can also include room noise control, quiet HVAC, and isolated electrical recommendations. Everything you need to create your own professional studio.

Is Audio Virtue Acoustics a new company?

Since 2013, Audio Virtue LLC, founded by studio designer Zac Marcengill, has been designing recording studios and other projects requiring acoustic and noise control design and consultation in the greater Nashville area and across the USA, South America, and Canada. Originally started as a company solely offering high end, professional studio design, Zac saw the need for a line of highest quaintly acoustic treatment to accompany a cache of acoustic and noise control educational resources, acoustic tools, and professional advice, that would provide a one-stop-shop for the trusted knowledge and higher performing, better quality products. The goal is to provide solid acoustic and noise control across the customer spectrum. Whether you’re a college student with a limited budget or a music industry professional with virtually unlimited financial resources, Audio Virtue Acoustics was built to provide the design, services, advice, and products to provide the most value for each dollar.

Are your products fire rated?

When considering which produces to use in your home, place of business, etc, it’s important to choose safety first to protect the persons in the space, and the investment you’ve made in your expensive equipment. Materials such as burlap, although economical, are far from fire-rated and can make the unfortunate event of a fire spread much faster and hotter than products with a high fire rating. Audio Virtue Acoustics acoustic treatment is manufactured using a combination of materials and processes producing a Class A Fire Rating.

For more information, Contact Us.

Do you have a showroom or a physical location where I can pickup my order?

Audio Virtue Acoustics is located off of 4th Ave South in downtown Nashville. We currently do not have a showroom but hope to open a showroom and listening studio soon to provide a place for our potential customers to see the quality and hear the performance of our products.

Until then our facility functions as office space for our team and a manufacturing facility, so we are currently not open to the public.

Where are your products manufactured and shipped from?

All of our products are manufactured by our highly trained and skilled craftsmen and women in downtown Nashville. All orders are either shipped, delivered or picked up from our downtown address.

I live in Nashville. Can I pickup my order?

If you live in the greater Nashville area, you may be able to save on shipping by selecting the Local Pickup option at checkout. Once your order is ready, we will contact you to schedule a day/time for pickup. Please ensure that you have a vehicle large enough for your order. Local Pickup is free and does not include shipping boxes, although the items will be wrapped to ensure they stay clean. Packing blankets come in handy and keep products from damage during transport. Boxes are available at $10/box if desired. You must have your email order confirmation at pick up, otherwise, our staff will not release your order. You will be responsible for loading your order upon arrival.

How do you ship your products?

We currently ship our products via UPS Ground throughout the USA and Canada due to their exceptional service and lower costs. For larger orders, we palletize the order and ship via Freight. Learn more by reviewing our Shipping Policy below:

Audio Virtue Acoustics Shipping Policy

Audio Virtue Acoustics manufacturers hand-built, made-to-order, pro-quality acoustic treatment products. Due to our level of available options (size, fabric, finish, custom options), your order will be placed on our manufacturing schedule once your order is placed and a shipping timeframe will be emailed. We do everything we can to provide accurate shipping timeframes to ensure you get your order as soon as possible.

Estimated Shipping Date: Our shipping timeframe on your order will depend on how many orders have been placed before yours and the availability of the fabric options you choose (some fabrics will need to be ordered in).

Cancelation: You may cancel your order up to 3 days from the estimated shipping or completion date for a full refund (excluding custom items). For example, if your estimated ship date is March 30th, you may cancel your or on or before March 27th (excluding custom items). Please email orders@audiovirtue.com to inquire about canceling an order.

UPS Damage Policy: If you receive a product that has been damaged during shipping, please notify the carrier employee AND take photos of the damage and contact us at support@audiovirtue.com immediately (immediately means the same day as the day the products were received). We will personally file a claim with the carrier and do everything we can to ensure our customers are not held responsible for the damage.

Freight Damage Policy: When receiving an order via Freight, you are held responsible for receiving the products. Always thoroughly inspect the shipment BEFORE signing the Bill of Lading (BOL). When you sign the BOL, you are personally accepting the merchandise “as is”. If the BOL is signed, and you find damage later, you have forfeited any course of action we may have to file a claim on the damage with the carrier (a freight company).

The National Claims Council Regulations states:

  1. Be present during the unloading process and inspect, examine and inventory your order as it’s being taken off the truck. If possible, take a few photos of the palletized products on the truck before they are offloaded. If there is an item missing from your order or if you see ANY signs of visible or possible damage, it MUST be written clearly on the BOL BEFORE signing. The driver can not leave until you sign the BOL. If there is a problem with the order call Audio Virtue Acoustics at (615) 988-0372‬ BEFORE signing the BOL and BEFORE the driver leaves.
  2. If you discover visible damage to the shipping crate, to a box or any other container that the product was shipped in, refuse the delivery and request a Return Authorization Number, and the order will be sent back to Audio Virtue Acoustics at no charge.
  3. If you discover damage while unpacking your items, you MUST immediately document and photograph the packing material and the damage to the item. Be sure to keep the packing in the case that the items need to be returned. If possible, do not move the item from the local it was placed by the carrier and call Audio Virtue Acoustics at (615) 988-0372 and report the damage. You will be asked to send photo documentation via email to support@audiovirtue.com. We will begin a Concealed Damage Claim with the carrier and ask for an inspection. An inspector will need to determine if the damage was carrier caused. Reports of damage can not be filed with the carrier more than 15 days after the BOL has been signed.

How long will it take for my order to be ready or ship?

There are a few factors that determine when your order will be ready for shipping, delivery, or pickup. We manufacture most of our products in a “made-to-order” fashion, meaning we don’t start manufacturing your products until you have paid for your order. We also manufacture on a “first come, first served” based, meaning there will likely be orders placed before yours. Upon payment of your order, we will contact you with an estimated timeframe for manufacturing so you know what to expect. In most cases, your order will be ready for shipping, delivery, or pickup in around 1-2 weeks.

If you have any questions about our manufacturing timeline or about your order, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes! Our three standard sizes (Rectangle, Short, and Square) are meant to cover the majority of needs and are cost-effective to ship, but we are able to manufacture a wide range of custom sizes.

To inquiry about custom sizes, Contact Us.

Do you provide help with selecting the right treatment for my room?

When purchasing acoustic treatment, it’s important to base your decisions on known scientific research, seasoned experience, and the gaining of proven knowledge from an actual studio designer that’s been in the business since 2013, versus trusting what someone you don’t know on a forum, trusting a salesman or woman, or leaving it to chance. Many of our clients come to us frustrated after spending years and a lot of money on forums, or from other acoustic treatment companies, trying to make sense of all the varying information, opinions, and “trial and error”. Sometimes it can be really hard to know who to trust. We hope to gain your trust with scientific and experience-based acoustic and noise control information.

We are working hard to provide the resources, tools, and advice to provide the absolute best way to make acoustic and noise control decisions to produce the results you’re looking for, to maximize your ROI when purchasing acoustic treatment and noise control products.

Contact Us for free evidence-based, experience-backed, acoustic and noise control advice.

Why are Audio Virtue Acoustics treatment better then acoustic foam?

Simply put, acoustic foam is not a good broad bandwidth absorber. The limit of acoustic foam treatment marketed as corner bass traps does not absorb below 200Hz, which is the lower range of frequencies that are the hardest to tame in smaller rooms (most studio rooms would be considered smaller studio rooms where larger concert halls, for example, would be an example of a larger room). If it seems too good to be true, it often is. In the case of acoustic foam, you don’t have to search very hard to find the absorption limitations that make acoustic products manufactured with acoustic foam a pour investment at best. Further, when the foam is cut into interesting profiles and shapes, this further reduces the absorption of acoustic foam products.

For more information, Contact Us.

How well does your treatment perform? Especially compared to others?

Due to our propriety semi-sealed frame design, as well as a number of other design features that set us apart, Audio Virtue Acoustics acoustic treatment absorbs more and deeper frequencies than fabric wrapped insulation panels and products that merely implement a flimsy frame (most if not all on the market). Our acoustic treatment is designed from hands-on experience designing and building custom acoustic treatment in studios where there is a lot of project money at stake.

Will acoustic treatment help to "soundproof" my room so that sound doesn't get out?

The short and simple answer is no. Acoustics and noise control and two separate topics that are accomplished by different methods. Sound is the movement of air, so if air can pass through a door, window, HVAC register, or electrical outlet, then adding acoustic treatment will do almost nothing to affect the sound leveling or entering the room. In addition, if the room is sealed airtight, the resonance of low-frequency energy will easily pass through most residential and commercially constructed walls, ceilings, and floors, unless sound isolation measures are taken.

Acoustics is a fairly easy subject to talk about and understand for those that are familiar with how sound works. Noise control is often much more complicated to understand and wrap your head around as it requires some mechanical engineering practices to cause effective and audible change.

We will be adding resources and products soon dedicated to the topic of noise control and all the details that contribute to its effectiveness. Stay tuned or Contact Us to get an estimate on helping with your noise control issues.

Do your acoustic treatment come with everything I need for installation?

All our acoustic treatment comes with our EZ Install Technology which includes our EZ Install Backplate and EZ Install Clips.

EZ Install Backplates have square mounting holes for wall installation with our EZ Wall installation clips, and smaller round holes to be used with our EZ Ceiling installation clips. Simply choose which mounting option you prefer when adding each product to your cart.

Fasteners & Anchors Not Included: All of our products ship with (2) Wall or (2) Ceiling Installation Clip sets. Due to the variations of wall and ceiling types, we do not include fasteners (i.e. screws) or anchors (i.e. drywall anchors). Ensure that the fastening or anchor method you choose for your wall or ceiling installation is rated for more weight than each Audio Virtue Acoustics product being installed.

Installation Diagrams for our Acoustic Treatment:

Contact Us if you have further questions about our installation process.

I have worked with Zac on treating two different studios now and he has done a great job on both! Him and the team are professional and know how to make any room sound great!

AJ Pruis

Multi #1 Songwriter / Composer / Multi-Instrumentalist

Zac expertly assisted us in our ground up Studio build. His knowledge about soundproofing, acoustic properties, clean power, parallel spaces, heating and air, etc. were instrumental to creating a highly usable space. It turned out so much better than we could have imagined. The acoustic treatment was the icing on the cake. With an endless amount of design choices and fabrics, we were able to create a space that was aesthetically pleasing and as well as terrific to listen and record. Highly recommended!!

Victor Krauss


I was extremely pleased with the results of my studio design and consult with Zac. May clients have been impressed with the layout and quality of the design in our small home studio. Zac made the best use of the space available. The investment we put into designing the space was definitely worth it. Without Zac, I would be literally guessing and designing the space myself. There is no way it would have turned out nearly as good without his help.

Will Mason

Founder of Mason Music Studios - Birmingham, AL

Zac worked with us a couple times to provide acoustic treatments as well as help design our rooms. Throughout both projects he was prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Dax Hock

Founder of Traega Entertainment

I can’t say enough about Audio Virtue Acoustics and the room Zac designed for me. I wanted a room that sounded great, but that didn’t look like every other studio out there. The design he came back with absolutely blew me away. It was unique, warm, vibey, everything you’d want in a studio space. He came in under budget and provided me with very detailed and easy-to-follow installation documents and a comprehensive materials list. The finished product exceeded my expectations and has been an absolute game-changer for me. It sounds perfect and looks incredible. It’s a joy working in my room on a daily basis.

Matt Arcaini

Director of A&R at Soundstripe

Zac and Audio Virtue Acoustics solved a huge echo problem in our office by 110%. We work in an industrial-style commercial building with concrete floors and a metal roof which looks cool but creates many sound issues. Zac analyzed our problem areas and presented us with design solutions unique to the room. His initial consultation was very informative and was much more in-depth than any of the other quotes we received. We decided to go with Zac because of his professionalism and his eye for design. We are extremely happy with how everything turned out and how our developers can work in peace without hearing each other's thoughts.


Erin Guglielmo - Administrative Assistant