• Rectangle: 23.5″ Wide x 47.5″ Tall x 5.5″ Deep
  • Short: 23.5″ Wide x 35.5″ Tall x 5.5″ Deep
  • Square: 23.5″ Wide x 23.5″ Tall x 5.5″ Deep
  • Custom: Contact Us for Custom Sizes


  • Rectangle: 17.5 lbs
  • Short: 14.4 lbs
  • Square: 9.5 lbs

Panel Wall Installation

Diffuser Wall Installation

Panel & Diffuser Ceiling Installation

  • Acoustic Fabric Selection: Using only high quality, cleanable, and completely acoustically transparent fabric provides an aesthetic to suit any interior design and allows all frequencies to pass through to our eco and health friendly absorption material. Fabrics that are not acoustically transparent reflect higher frequencies resulting in an even absorption of sound. Our selection of acoustic fabrics have been carefully selected to meet our highest aesthetic, performance, and acoustic standards.
  • Solid Internal Frame: Selecting from furniture grade, solid birch plywood, the internal frames of AVA products are precision cut via CNC machines resulting in accuracy to the .001 inch, and are quality constructed by our in-house carpenters with supports and bracing to be perfectly square and straight. Additionally, this prevents warping overtime due to transitions in warmer and cooler temperatures from season to season, UV from dawn to dusk natural light, and the handling of our products during installation or transporting them to a new space.
  • Professional Upholstry: We like to think we take more time and attention to detail than anyone else when upholstering our products. Our strict upholstery standards include fabric that is always upholstered taut to prevent sagging overtime, properly folded and flattened corners, fabric upholstered straight and in symmetry, and spare fabric that is tucked away and can not be seen when the panel is installed. The goals is that all of our products produce a “built in” looks after being installed on your wall or ceiling.
  • Recycled Fabric (Upgrade) – Guilford of Maine FR701: 100% post-consumer recycled polyester.
  • Absorption Material (Standard With All AVA Absorption Products) – Knauff ECOSE Technology Insulation:  Made using recycled glass bottles with a “no formaldehyde added” binder and delivered in highly compressed packing, Knauff ECOSE products are ranked in independent sustainability tables as the best performing insulation in terms of low environmental impact. In addition, there are no added dyes, bleaches or artificial colors. The ECOSE Technology binder is up to 70% less energy intensive than the formaldehyde binders used in traditional glasswool insulation.
  • Wood Frame (Standard With All AVA Products) – Our selection of wood sourced to construct our products are always “no formaldehyde added” in their production and sourced as locally as possible.
  • No Plastic Packaging (Standard With All AVA Orders) – We package all orders in sustainable paper products that are made from recycled paper (recycled when available). No plastic bags, plastic taps, etc.
  • Delivery / Pickup Options -Being in the heart of Music City, we will always offer free order pickup and local delivery to reduce transportation emissions as much as possible.

Fabric Selection

Audio Virtue Acoustics Fabric

Our line of economical, acoustically transparent fabrics that provide a sleek aesthetic with add benefits of clean-ability and resilience that will look new for years to come, even after moving a few times.

Guilford of Maine FR701 (Upgrade – Special Order)

The acoustic fabric standard for over 40 years, this panel fabric’s heathered wool-like appearance brings an artisan allure to any environment. 100% post-consumer recycled polyester and bleach cleanable.

Click here to see all Guilford of Maine FR701 Fabric Colors

Guilford of Maine Anchorage (Upgrade – Special Order)

Anchored in tradition, with its classic crepe texture and saturated colors, Anchorage brings a timeless appeal to your project. 65% pre-consumer recycled polyester and 35% post-consumer recycled polyester.

Click here to see all Guilford of Maine Anchorage Fabric Colors

Higher performing, furniture grade, eco-friendly, acoustic treatment

Audio Virtue Acoustics manufacturers acoustic treatment designed by recording studio designer Zac Marcengill. With over 10 years of experience designing custom recording studios, critical listening spaces, and other acoustically precise environments, we are proud to introduce our own line of acoustic treatment and noise control products that we have tested and proven on our own projects.

Higher Performance

Get the most absorption for your buck! Our treatment is specifically designed to absorb more and lower frequencies than the other acoustic treatment on the market due to our proprietary sealed internal frame design made with solid birch plywood.

Best Quality

Furniture quality construction, always straight and square, will never warp over time, never see internal frame throughout our selection of acoustic fabrics, moisture/mold resistant absorption material...all included in our base pricing.

Eco & Health Friendly

We use only environmental and health-friendly practices in our choice of materials, manufacturing processes, and shipping methods. No formaldehyde-added wood or absorption materials, no plastics, and fully biodegradable shipping materials.

Built-In Installation

All of our products have been designed with the easiest, built-in installation system on the market. All AVA products are shipped with either wall or ceiling mounting clips providing the easiest way to install our products to achieve the easiest DIY installation.