Higher Performing, Furniture-Grade, EZ Install, Acoustic Treatment

Audio Virtue Acoustics manufacturers acoustic treatment designed by our AVA Design Team, lead by our senior acoustic designer Zac Marcengill. Since 2010, Zac has designed custom recording studios, critical listening spaces, and other acoustically precise environments in the greater Nashville area, and across the country.

Higher Performance

Get the highest return on your investment compared to other's acoustic treatment. Our acoustic treatment is specifically designed to absorb more and lower frequencies than the other acoustic treatment due to our proprietary semi-sealed internal frame, constructed with solid birch ply, and our combination of specific quantity and density absorption materials in each product.

Best Quality

Our acoustic treatment has the strongest internal frame, furniture-grade upholstery, straightest lines, will never warp over time, will never show internal frame through any acoustic fabric, and uses moisture-wicking, mold-resistant absorption materials...all to produce the best quality, best looking, longest lasting, acoustic treatment on the market.

Eco & Health Friendly

Our acoustic treatment frames are made with no-formaldehyde, FSC-Certified, LEED-Certified, domestically sourced, solid birch ply. Absorption materials are made from recycled glass bottles that are GREENGUARD Gold certified, USGBC LEED-certified, and shipped in compressed bundles, reducing carbon footprint. Available fabric options made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. Packaging made from recycled post-consumer, bio-degradable, paper, to keep plastics out of our landfills.

EZ Install Technology

No acoustic treatment installation system is quicker, easier, straighter, and more level than our EZ Install Technology. Simply fasten our EZ Install Clips (included) on your walls or ceiling, and slide the treatment onto the clip. No more fumbling with impaling clips, eye hooks, or picture hanging wire that never produce a built-in look.

Acoustic Panels

Echo Traps

Thin 2 Inch Profile - Absorbs Down To 350Hz

Omni Traps

Slim 3.5 Inch Profile - Absorbs Down To 100Hz

Bass Traps

Broad Bass Traps

5.5 Inch Profile - Absorbs Down To 80Hz

Massive Corner Bass Traps

Mounts Or Stacks In Any Corner - Absorbs Down To 40Hz

Mega Bass Traps

7.5 Inch Profile - Absorbs down to 50Hz

Massive Rim Bass Traps

Mounts Or Stacks Anywhere - Absorbs Down To 20Hz


MSD Diffusers with Tuned Bass Trap

Diffusion From 200Hz - 7000Hz With Tuned Bass Trapping

Quad Diffusers

Diffusion From 200Hz - 7000Hz

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Client Testimonials

Zac expertly assisted us in our ground up Studio build. His knowledge about soundproofing, acoustic properties, clean power, parallel spaces, heating and air, etc. were instrumental to creating a highly usable space. It turned out so much better than we could have imagined. The acoustic treatment was the icing on the cake. With an endless amount of design choices and fabrics, we were able to create a space that was aesthetically pleasing and as well as terrific to listen and record. Highly recommended!!

Victor Krauss


I have worked with Zac on treating two different studios now and he has done a great job on both! Him and the team are professional and know how to make any room sound great!

AJ Pruis

Multi #1 Songwriter / Composer / Multi-Instrumentalist

I was extremely pleased with the results of my studio design and consult with Zac. May clients have been impressed with the layout and quality of the design in our small home studio. Zac made the best use of the space available. The investment we put into designing the space was definitely worth it. Without Zac, I would be literally guessing and designing the space myself. There is no way it would have turned out nearly as good without his help.

Will Mason

Founder of Mason Music Studios - Birmingham, AL

Zac worked with us a couple times to provide acoustic treatments as well as help design our rooms. Throughout both projects he was prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly.

Dax Hock

Founder of Traega Entertainment

I can’t say enough about Audio Virtue Acoustics and the room Zac designed for me. I wanted a room that sounded great, but that didn’t look like every other studio out there. The design he came back with absolutely blew me away. It was unique, warm, vibey, everything you’d want in a studio space. He came in under budget and provided me with very detailed and easy-to-follow installation documents and a comprehensive materials list. The finished product exceeded my expectations and has been an absolute game-changer for me. It sounds perfect and looks incredible. It’s a joy working in my room on a daily basis.

Matt Arcaini

Director of A&R at Soundstripe

Zac and Audio Virtue Acoustics solved a huge echo problem in our office by 110%. We work in an industrial-style commercial building with concrete floors and a metal roof which looks cool but creates many sound issues. Zac analyzed our problem areas and presented us with design solutions unique to the room. His initial consultation was very informative and was much more in-depth than any of the other quotes we received. We decided to go with Zac because of his professionalism and his eye for design. We are extremely happy with how everything turned out and how our developers can work in peace without hearing each other's thoughts.


Erin Guglielmo - Administrative Assistant