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AudioVirtue provides services specializing in the design and consultation of critical listening spaces, professional recording environments, and other spaces requiring acoustic treatment and sound isolation.
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Architectural Acoustics

The science and engineering of achieving a precise and deliberate sound within a specific space or room.

Sound Isolation

The property of blocking unwanted sound through the use of materials that reduce sound transmission from the interior to the exterior environment.

Aesthetic Design

Aesthetics is our perception or opinion of an object based on what we see, feel, hear, smell and even taste. If a space doesn't feel creative it's hard to be creative in that space.

Education & Resources

Building a knowledge base of video courses focused on empowering the avid DIYer in all things acoustic, isolation and aesthetics.

Multi-Room Recording Studios.

Mixing & Mastering Suites.

Writing Rooms.

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Our design process

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    Pre-Design & Schematic Drawings

    In the Pre-Design phase, we begin to gather information. This is where we listen to our clients' vision, needs, and desire to explore all potentials of the project.Schematic Design is where we create a variety of approaches and options. We do a lot of brainstorming and work through many iterations en-route to the recommended design solution.

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    Design Development & Selecting a General Contractor

    This phase consists of refining the schematic design to develop more precise drawings and other documents which describe the size and character of the entire project.Selection of a general contractor isn’t directly part of the design process, but it’s an important decision that we recommend you make during schematic design if not earlier.

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    Construction Documents and Administration

    Our Construction Documents translate the unique style of the project into the final solution. They are where design concepts are realized and refined into architecture.This is where months of hard work and coordination between the architect, the client, and all of the subconsultants start becoming a physical reality.

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Client testimonials

We are very proud of the services we provide every client. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
I was extremely pleased with the results of my consult with Zac. May clients have been impressed with the layout and quality of the design in our small home studio. We have definitely made the best use of the space available. The investment we put into designing the space was definitely worth it. Without Zac, I would be literally guessing and designing the space myself. There is no way it would have turned our nearly as good without his help.

Will Mason

Founder of Mason Music Studios - Birmingham, AL

Zac took an awkward unfinished space and created an amazing studio design with all the details needed to construct it affordably. I ended up with my dream mix room - much better than I had imagined possible. He has a firm grasp of all the aspects of isolation, acoustics, aesthetics and function, and how that can all be achieved in a reasonable budget. I’ve been in my studio a couple of years now and I am still extremely happy with all of Zac’s work. I will be using his service on my next build.

Ainslie Grosser

Grammy Award Winning Mixing Engineer

I can’t say enough about AudioVirtue and the room Zac designed for me. I wanted a room that sounded great, but that didn’t look like every other studio out there. The design he came back with absolutely blew me away. It was unique, warm, vibey, everything you’d want in a studio space. He came in under-budget and provided me with very detailed and easy to follow construction documents and a comprehensive materials list. The finished product exceeded my expectations and has been an absolute game changer for me. It sounds perfect and looks incredible. It’s a joy working in my room on a daily basis.

Matt Arcaini


Zac and Audio Virtue solved a huge echo problem in our office by 110%. We work in an industrial style commercial building with concrete floors and a metal roof which looks cool, but creates many sound issues. Zac analyzed our problem areas and presented us with design solutions unique to the space. His initial consultation was very informative and was much more in depth than any of the other quotes we received. We decided to go with Zac because of his professionalism and his eye for design. We are extremely happy with how everything turned our and how our developers can work in peace without hearing each others thoughts.

Erin Guglielmo

Administrative Assistant @ Invivolink