Recording Studio

Jay Snider Studio Design

OVERVIEW Looking for a solution to move his studio out of the house, Jay contacted Audio Virtue seeking a solution. The idea was to add a second story to an existing backyard garage. We have since designed a space for Jay and look forward to seeing it come together! Below are a few renderings from..

Sainte Studio

OVERVIEW This 1200sf studio facility was designed for and constructed from the ground up in our clients backyard. Originally designed to be much larger, the historical commission of their community confined us to a 900sf footprint (originally designed for 1200sf footprint). This meant that every square inch had to serve a specific purpose to result..

Mason Music Studio

OVERVIEW Needing to record clients of Mason Music (best music lesson in Birmingham, AL), Will and Sarah Mason decided to turn their basement into a home recording studio. Will completed the construction of the isolation and acoustic treatment himself with design and consulting from Audio Virtue. Client Quote “I was extremely pleased with the results..

Wren Creek Studio

Overview Originally owned and sold by an unknown party just after this building was completed, the Ragland Family purchase this “shell of a studio” with the goal of making this space a commercial recording studio facility. With the rooms already laid out, the decision was made to finish the isolation of the structure and create..