Commercial Space

White Avenue Studio

OVERVIEW Weddings, video/photo shoots, parties, receptions, live concerts, and the like do not product the desired outcome, excitement and comfort when the acoustics of the space are harsh and loud. White Avenue Studio is a newly built modern photography studio and event space in Nashville, TN with a large, high ceiling photo/video studio. Walking into..


OVERVIEW InVivoLink is a healthcare software company in Nashville, TN. Due to their growth, they have decided to turn one of their conference rooms into a new office space for part of their development team. Due to the thin fiberglass siding and only hard surfaces this room can be unbearable to be in for more..

Loews Vanderbilt Hotel

OVERVIEW Loew’s Vanderbilt Hotel was built in 1984 with little consideration for vibration sound isolation. Otherwise an architectural work of art in it’s day, the architects and/or builders failed to ensure that the large utility equipment on the roof of the build had the proper vibration suppressors installed. This resulted in in an enormous water..

Office Space

Overview Office spaces are often in large, open spaces with only hard surfaces (walls, ceilings and floors). This allows the noise to resonate inside the space, causing the dreaded 5pm headache and the inability to understand conversations. The following three designs are examples of how an acoustic design could be incorporated into office spaces where..