Steven Patrick Wilson
Nashville, TN
Zac Marcengill
Recording Studio


This 1200sf studio facility was designed for and constructed from the ground up in our clients backyard. Originally designed to be much larger, the historical commission of their community confined us to a 900sf footprint (originally designed for 1200sf footprint). This meant that every square inch had to serve a specific purpose to result in the functionality that the client desired. The result is an eight room facility complete with:


This studio facility was designed to do it all. Multi-member band live recording with direct line-of-sight, full-kit large-room drum recording, dedicated amp locker tuned for flat response, plenty of room for a full band to stay for a week, and so much more. The design incorporates natural light from all angles, directed into the control room via exterior windows in all rooms (except for machine room and amp locker). The aesthetic design feels warm, inviting and creative; a design, with hints of mid-centery, that will be relevant and comforting for many years to come.

Isolation / Soundproofing

One of the hurtles of this project is an active railroad track only 30 yards from the studio structure. With the Tennessee bedrock that both the railroad track and the studio are resting on, Audio Virtue’s designer, Zac Marcengill, developed a unique isolation design that illuminated the low frequency transmission through the bedrock. In addition, every studio room in this facility are completely isolation and independent from one another.

Electrical & HVAC

To ensure that there was minor risk of electrical noise, the studio power was cleaned using a specific electrical device. Proper lighting, dimmers and other electrical components were also selected to ensure no additional noise would be produced from these components.

Isolated studio rooms, if they are isolated effectively, not only seal out sound, they also seal out airflow. This introduces the need for a properly design HVAC system that removes the moisture from each studio room while being so quiet that a large capsule condenser microphone can not hear it’s common rumble and airflow noise. Each room is it’s own environment with specific design for it’s individual needs.

Design Renderings

Completed Studio Photos