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Ainslie Grosser
Franklin, TN
Zac Marcengill
Mixing Studio


While shopping for houses in the Franklin, TN area, Ainslie found one with a large “over-the-garage” unfinished space that had to become his next mix room. He wanted his wife and new baby to sleep through the night while he mixed as loud as he wanted. Careful planning, involving a structural engineer, a room-inside-room construction and precisely placed acoustic treatment and Ainslie had the mixing space he had dreamed of. Ainslie, his father and a few other friends completed the build themselves, saving the extra cost of hiring a contractor.


The goal for this mixing room was isolation first, and then acoustic treatment second. Ainslie required a large mixing space (capable of 5.1 surround mixing), a small isolation room for overdubs, an amp locker for re-amping, and a cooling gear rack within sight of the mix position. Since this space was above the garage, the garage doors needed to open and close without disturbing the mixing process or clients listening to finals. The HVAC also needed to be comfortable and silent. Watch the studio tour for more details.

Studio Tour

Qoute from Ainslie Grosser

“Zac took an awkward unfinished space and created an amazing studio design for me with all the details I needed to construct it affordably. I ended up with my dream mix room – much better than I had imagined possible given the space I had. He has a firm grasp of all the aspects of isolation, acoustics, aesthetics and function, and how that can all be achieved in a reasonable budget. I’ve been in my studio a couple years now and I am still extremely happy with all of Zac’s choices. I will be using his service in my next build.” – Grammy Award Winning Mixing Engineer, Ainslie Grosser

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