Our Design Process

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Our Design process

Step #1: Initial Contact

Contact us for our up-to-date rates, for an estimate on your project, and to describe the project you would like our help with. Once the form below is submitted, we will email you within the next 48 hours and schedule a phone call or video conference to discuss your project in greater detail.









STEP #2: Site Visit & Project Goals

Site Visit: If possible, it is important to complete a site visit to take measurements, consider potential issues and to get a sketch of the structure your project will be built inside of. If the structure has yet to be constructed AudioVirtue can work off of architectural drawings if need be.

Architect Collaboration: AudioVirtue has a history of working with architects and designers in preparation for projects involving acoustic and isolation. It is best that AudioVirtue gets involved at the earliest stage possible, in the structure design process, to ensure your structure is prepared to accept the acoustic and isolation details needed for successful isolation and acoustic design.

Preparation: If at all possible, AudioVirtue will need to coordinate audio wiring piping into the design before breaking ground to ensure the correct amount, size and number of pvc piping is in place before the foundation is complete. In other circumstances, AudioVirtue can help find solutions to these issues, even after the structure is completed.

Cost: Travel costs and initial consultation fee to be determined on a project by project bases. There will be no travel costs incurred for project within a 20 mile radius of Nashville, TN.

STEP #3: Schematic Design

Next AudioVirtue will create multiple 2D design concepts to until one suits the desires and specifications of the client.

Cost: 2D Design Concepts are completed on an hourly bases. An estimated timeframe will be given before work begins. The timeframe of 2D Design Concepts are mostly dependent on the scope of the project, the needs of the client and the number of edits.


STEP #4: Design Development

After a 2D Concept is agreed upon by the client, AudioVirtue will complete a fully featured 3D Design Model which will:

  1. Generate a general estimate of the project based on national average material and labor costs (detailed estimate must be obtain from your preferred contractor using Construction Documents)
  2. Generate 3D realistic rendering of the finished design
  3. Prepare the project for the creation of Construction Documents (Step #5

Cost: The 3D Modeling process will be completed on an hourly bases, with an estimate of time given upfront. Additional hours may be charged for additional edits.


STEP #5: construction Documents

Finally, AudioVirtue will complete a fully featured set of Construction Documents for your project consisting of:

  1. Isolation Shell Construction
  2. HVAC Diagrams and Guidance (Specific to Isolation Needs)
  3. Electrical Diagrams and Guidance (Specific to Project Needs)
  4. Acoustic Framing Construction
  5. Acoustic Treatment Diagrams
  6. Door Spec Diagrams
  7. Window Spec & Diagrams
  8. Finish Material Spec & Diagrams
  9. And more…

AudioVirtue’s Construction Documents contains all the detail your preferred contractor needs to complete your project with every detail of the design. With this amount of detail, your preferred contractor will also have the information they need to provide a estimated cost of construction that they feel comfortable about.

Cost: Construction Documents are completed on a square footage cost for each project. Square footage will be taken from the final client approved 3D Model.



AudioVirtue also provides Acoustic & Isolation Supervision through the construction process, based on your contractors needs and the project location. Please inquire for more information.

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