Our Consulting Process

How we work


Our Consulting process

Step #1: Initial Contact

Contact us for our up-to-date rates and to describe the project or issue you would like our help with. Once the form below is submitted, we will email you within the next 48 hours and schedule a phone call or video conference to discuss your project or issue in greater detail.









STEP #2: Site Visit & Consultation

Site Visit: If possible, it is important to complete a site visit to take acoustic measurements, consider potential issues and to identify the proper solutions within your budget. If the structure has yet to be constructed AudioVirtue can work off of architectural drawings if need be.

Acoustic Testing & Measurement: Once on site, we will complete acoustic testing and measurements to visually illustrate the sonic properties of your space.

Consultation: While on site, we will identify the source of any acoustic or isolation issues mentioned and well as discuss your goals in detail.

Cost: Travel costs and consultation fee to be determined on a project by project bases. There will be no travel costs incurred for project within a 20 mile radius of Nashville, TN.

STEP #3: Office Work

Next AudioVirtue will take the information gained during the on site consultation and work through it back at the office. Once a report is built, we will contact you to discuss our findings and/or solutions, and help you work toward your project goals.

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