Commercial Acoustic Treatment

Commercial acoustic treatment

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Packages Starting At $3.75* Per Square Foot!!!

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Do you own or work in a space that sends you home with a headache each day? Do you have potential clients you are not reaching due to the pour acoustics of your space? Would you like to create a warmer, more inviting, atmosphere for your employees and your patrons? You’ve come to the right place! AudioVirtue offers all-inclusive acoustic treatment packages, custom designed to suit your specific situation.

Our acoustic treatment packages include:

  • On-Site Consultation with one of our Acoustic Consultants
  • Acoustic Measurments taken before and after installation
  • Full Range Acoustic Products (reducing bass, mid, and high frequencies; others only reduce high frequency echo)
  • Installation by one of our professional contractors (most often we can offer one-day installation!)
  • An acoustic treatment design that meets or exceeds your vision and/or blends into the surrounding architecture.
  • All Installation Labor and Supplies included in each package!!

With packages starting at $3.75* per square foot, this is a value you can’t miss out on!

Contact us now to learn more and have AudioVirtue custom design an acoustic treatment package that meets your specific needs and desires!

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The Process

Measure The Space To Be Treated: Measure your space for total square footage (Length x Width = Your Total Square Footage). If your space is an odd shape, break up the floorspace into rectangles, calculate square footage of each, and finally add them together.

Estimate Your Baseline Acoustic Treatment Cost: Multiple your total square footage x $3.75* to calculation your baseline acoustic treatment estimate (Total Square Footage x $3.75*)

Schedule An On-Site Quote: Contact Audio Virtue to schedule an on-site quote for your acoustic treatment. This quote will include ALL acoustic products, ALL installation supplies, ALL labor charges…everything.

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We Take Care Of The Rest: Sit back and relax while we adjust the acoustics of your space to feel more warm, inviting and healthier for your employees, clients or simply for your personal comfort.

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*Please note $3.75 per square foot package pricing is limited to:

  • 2’x4′, 2’x2′, & 1’x4′ acoustic panel sizes with standard fabric color options.
  • Quantity of acoustic panels are based on Audio Virtue’s baseline acoustic treatment formula for even coverage and proper reduction of sound.
  • Typical installation substrate and working conditions.