Vibration & Noise Control


A point of interest when designing, or repurposing, a space for critical listening is proper HVAC Noise and Vibration control. HVAC units produce noise when operating that can travel through floors, walls, ceilings and even through the HVAC ducts. In addition, HVAC units utilize massive fans which cause noise from high pressure air flow into and out of your room which can be a problem when recording with very sensitive microphones or may create enough noise to inhibit speech intelligibility or create distraction when the unit is running.

There are many scenarios where HVAC noise, flow and lack of isolation can be an acoustical issue and may drastically effect the intended use of the space. AudioVirtue has been asked to provided HVAC system design and consultation alongside HVAC contractors and mechanical engineers to effectively reduce or eliminate these factors before construction begins and have effectively solved issues for existing structures.


Electrical & Lighting

An essential topic in the study and practice of designing critical listening and recording environments is the design of a proper noiseless electrical and lighting system. Within the world of recording and sound, electrical noise can be introduced into recordings and sound systems of all types. Although it is virtually impossible to eliminate the potential of all electrical noise, designing an electrical and lighting system using a proper electrical design is essential.  AudioVirtue can be a critical part of the design process of any project, and can also help solve many existing electrical issues you may be experiencing.


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