Room Acoustics & Sound Treatment

Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics is the study of the way sound behaves inside of a room as it relates to topics such as speech intelligibility (restaurant, auditorium, etc), and desired acoustic characteristics (recording studio, mixing studio, live music venue, etc).  Through measurement and experience, AudioVirtue can determine the best way to treat the surfaces of your space, through precise acoustic design of surface treatment, to solve unwanted reflections, long reverberation time, and other issue resulting in an unpleasant and undesired room acoustic.

The animation below demonstrates how sound resonates in an enclosed space, as well as how this sound can propagate to adjacent spaces.

Proper design and placement of acoustic surface treatment significantly affects the user(s) experiences inside of a given space. Each situation and space is different, requiring specific acoustic solutions per room.



Surface Treatment

Even if your space lacks proper acoustic design, acoustical Surface Treatment can be used to compensate for most acoustical issues. Properly designed, and properly placed, surface treatment is effective in reducing reverberation time, low frequency (bass) resonance and in some cases can solve all acoustic issues the user(s) is experiencing.

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