Acoustic Testing & Measurement

AudioVirtue’s Acoustic Testing & Measurement services require the use of professional acoustic testing software and measurement equipment that includes fractional octave analysis, frequency response, transient analysis and sound-level measurements to produce:

  • Full-Band Frequency Response Charts: evaluates how each frequency is responding in your room.
  • Reverberation Time (T30/RT60): a calculation of how fast each frequency range resonates in your room.
  • Low Frequency Response Diagrams: evaluates how low frequency (bass) is resonating in your room.
  • Noise Criterion (NC): measurement of noise isolation (the level of noise transmitting into your room from outside sources.
  • Speech Perception: clarity of the human voice and music.
    Bass Ratio: warmth of the room.



With this information we can accurately assess how your space is responding to the sound, or unpleasant noise, once it leaves the source (i.e. your speakers, human voice, outside noise, or vibration) and develop a plan of action based on your goals and budget.

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