Architectural Acoustics

Architectural Acoustics is the science and engineering of achieving a desired sound within a room, building or environment. Within the practice of architectural acoustics the goal of each project is specific; examples may include reducing reverberation and low frequency within a private home recording studio, improving better speech intelligibility in a corporate meeting space or simply suppressing excess noise from outside sources within a home or office.


AudioVirtue has been asked to consult and design projects with specific architectural acoustics requirements such as:

  • Recording Studio Facilities

  • Live Performance Venues

  • Commercial Office Spaces, Meeting Rooms & Conference Centers

  • Restaurants & Coffee Shops

  • Houses of Worship
  • Home Cinema Theater Rooms

  • Performing Arts Centers

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Room Acoustics & Sound Treatment

Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics is the study of the way sound behaves inside of a room as it relates to topics such as speech intelligibility (restaurant, auditorium, etc), and desired acoustic characteristics (recording studio, mixing studio, live music venue, etc).  Through measurement and experience, AudioVirtue can determine the best way to treat the surfaces of your space, through precise acoustic design of surface treatment, to solve unwanted reflections, long reverberation time, and other issue resulting in an unpleasant and undesired room acoustic.

The animation below demonstrates how sound resonates in an enclosed space, as well as how this sound can propagate to adjacent spaces.

Proper design and placement of acoustic surface treatment significantly affects the user(s) experiences inside of a given space. Each situation and space is different, requiring specific acoustic solutions per room.



Surface Treatment

Even if your space lacks proper acoustic design, acoustical Surface Treatment can be used to compensate for most acoustical issues. Properly designed, and properly placed, surface treatment is effective in reducing reverberation time, low frequency (bass) resonance and in some cases can solve all acoustic issues the user(s) is experiencing.

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Acoustic Testing & Measurement

AudioVirtue’s Acoustic Testing & Measurement services require the use of professional acoustic testing software and measurement equipment that includes fractional octave analysis, frequency response, transient analysis and sound-level measurements to produce:

  • Full-Band Frequency Response Charts: evaluates how each frequency is responding in your room.
  • Reverberation Time (T30/RT60): a calculation of how fast each frequency range resonates in your room.
  • Low Frequency Response Diagrams: evaluates how low frequency (bass) is resonating in your room.
  • Noise Criterion (NC): measurement of noise isolation (the level of noise transmitting into your room from outside sources.
  • Speech Perception: clarity of the human voice and music.
    Bass Ratio: warmth of the room.



With this information we can accurately assess how your space is responding to the sound, or unpleasant noise, once it leaves the source (i.e. your speakers, human voice, outside noise, or vibration) and develop a plan of action based on your goals and budget.

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Vibration & Noise Control


A point of interest when designing, or repurposing, a space for critical listening is proper HVAC Noise and Vibration control. HVAC units produce noise when operating that can travel through floors, walls, ceilings and even through the HVAC ducts. In addition, HVAC units utilize massive fans which cause noise from high pressure air flow into and out of your room which can be a problem when recording with very sensitive microphones or may create enough noise to inhibit speech intelligibility or create distraction when the unit is running.

There are many scenarios where HVAC noise, flow and lack of isolation can be an acoustical issue and may drastically effect the intended use of the space. AudioVirtue has been asked to provided HVAC system design and consultation alongside HVAC contractors and mechanical engineers to effectively reduce or eliminate these factors before construction begins and have effectively solved issues for existing structures.


Electrical & Lighting

An essential topic in the study and practice of designing critical listening and recording environments is the design of a proper noiseless electrical and lighting system. Within the world of recording and sound, electrical noise can be introduced into recordings and sound systems of all types. Although it is virtually impossible to eliminate the potential of all electrical noise, designing an electrical and lighting system using a proper electrical design is essential.  AudioVirtue can be a critical part of the design process of any project, and can also help solve many existing electrical issues you may be experiencing.


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