Acoustic Consulting For Architects, Designers & Contractors

Acoustic Consulting for architects, designers & contractors

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Whether you’re an architect needing advice on a design, an interior designer tasked with quieting a room, or a contractor that’s been asked to build a recording studio, AudioVirtue is here to help. We have been working with industry professionals like yourself since 2010 and know how to meet your specific acoustic & sound isolation needs so you feel completely comfortable about the acoustics of your project.

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Our services for Architects, Designers & Contractors include:

  • Evaluation of existing plans for proper acoustic and sound isolation to meet the clients specifications and desires. Audio Virtue can provide acoustic and sound isolation calculations based solely off of the existing project plans, room dimensions and/or CAD file.
  • Acoustic Measurements of any space and proposal of proper acoustic & isolation products to meet required specifications
  • Consultation of proposed plans to assist with proper sound isolation, acoustic treatment, and/or estimated cost of acoustic or sound isolation related items.
  • Electrical consultation for environments that are sensitive to electrical hum or buzz (i.e. Recording Studios, Home Theaters, Writing Rooms & some Commercial Spaces).
  • HVAC consultation to ensure proper air flow, sound isolation, moisture control and vibration suppression for sensitive environments (i.e. Recording Studios, Home Theaters, Writing Rooms & some Commercial Spaces).
  • Acoustic Design of integrated spaces such as Recording Studios, Home Theaters, Writing Rooms & some Commercial Spaces. Audio Virtue can design one or more rooms/spaces inside an existing project to ensure the clients needs are met. This could be a recording studio or home theater inside a clients home, a private and sound proof meeting space inside a commercial office building, and much more.
  • Pre-Designed Plans for recording studios, writing rooms and home theaters. Starting at $499 per plan!

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